What They're Saying About Andrea Green Music

Theater Authorities

"Our Summer Camp (2017) at the Sondheim was a wonderful experience for the more than 60 young performers. Having Andrea here as the artist-in-residence, along with choreographer, Lori Spencer Gust gave a level of quality we had not been able to provide in the previous three years of our youth theater camp. The young performers thrived in the week with Andrea, expressing their creative spirit and experiencing the thrill of performing on the Sondheim stage, while gaining confidence and of course, having fun doing it. Andrea should be applauded for the experience she provided the campers in southeast Iowa."

Rustin Lippincott, Executive Director, Sondheim Center for the Performing Arts, Fairfield, Iowa

"This summer (2016) our students had the most amazing experience through song, dance, art and acting that culminated in an uplifting performance of "The Same Sky' by playwright, composer and director Andrea Green. She understands the mind of a child which is evident in the creativity of the storyline, melodic songs and the positive outcome.  Truly the thought process from the beginning to the end is a masterpiece and a "win-win" for all...our children and communities are transformed through the performance."

Kim Wild, Executive Director, St. John School of the Arts, St. John, US Virgin Islands

"The Sondheim Center for the Performing Arts  in Fairfield, Iowa produced  Andrea Green's  musical  ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FENCE and it was a fantastic show for multiple reasons..... meaningful  message,  catchy and fun songs to sing, easy to memorize in a week, and enough parts so that every child got to shine on the stage. The script and music came with a  superbly orchestrated cd recording and a great book to aid the director with blocking and character. Highly recommend this show! We had a blast."

Directors: Kadie Dennison & Torie Hollingsworth, Stephen Sondheim Center for the Performing Arts, Fairfield, Iowa

"We performed Andrea's wonderful musical, The Return of Halley's Comet. We were lucky to meet her and we found a good friend with a large heart. The musical tells about friendship between people and it doesn't matter who you are or what you look like or how far you are. We love you, Andrea (You already know :)) and we love your music and your mission to make the world better place for everyone."

Franka Vakkum- Theater director of Generation Theater of Tallinn, Estonia

"Andrea Green captures the heart and soul of theatre, seamlessly blending education and entertainment through words and music. She tackles the tough subjects and always delivers a fun experience for the performers. The response we get from groups performing her work is overwhelmingly positive. We encourage all levels of theatre and their audiences to experience an Andrea Green musical, they will not be disappointed."

Kenneth Dingledine, Director of Operations, Samuel French, Inc.

"Andrea's music and lyrics are timeless, beautiful and artistically created! You will find no more talented composer and lyricist in children's or adult's musicals! I highly recommend you look at her body of work and guarantee you will enjoy working with each and every script you select."

Bruce A. Curless, Producing Artistic Director, The Ritz Theater Company, Westmont, N.J.

"Our Young People's Summer Workshop performed this musical and it was very successful. It gave the participants a lot more to think about than just learning their lines and their songs. So many concepts and ideas can be taught from this musical. I directed the production and loved every minute of it."

Shirley Merrill, General Manager of Kincaid Regional Theatre, Falmouth, KY

"Andrea Green is a great inspiration to those individuals that she bring her music and playwriting abilities to. She inspires all of us to bring out the best in our lives and to shine with our gifts. She stresses the important of positive thinking and allows us to sing and explore our gifts with others. It gives me great pleasure to endorse Andrea in her life work and goals of working with all individuals to brighten their future and share in their gifts through her writing, music and prose. It has been a pleasure working with Andrea. Bravo for a job well done."

Mary Spinosa-Wilson, RN, BSN, MEd, DT, Director of Theatre with a Twist, Acton MA.

"The playwright's message is clear and kids embrace her material with enthusiasm and sensitivity. Her songs are meaningful, melodic and written in a range for children to execute well. Andrea puts her heart and soul into her work. Looking forward to our next "Green" production."

Robert D. Nation, Theater Director, Cherry Hill Summer Theater, Cherry Hill, N.J.

"I have got to tell you that I was blown away. I wanted a show that was meaty, where the kids would both learn to love musical theatre and grow into the kind of community leaders that we so desperately need. I found your sweet barnyard. THANK YOU FOR THIS SHOW…and giving (the kids) a chance to be a part of something big."

Charlie Hester, Children's Musical Theater Director, Danville Light Opera Company, Danville, Illinois


"HOMEROOM THE MUSICAL (2017) was exactly what we were looking for to culminate our Character Education program for the year. The message was clear and changed some of the children’s lives for the better. The additional workshops you conducted was the icing on the cake. Thank you again for your insight, talent, and love that you shared with my students. I will never forget you."

Christina Miller, Owner/President/Principal, Millhopper Montessori School, LLC, Gainesville, FL

"Andrea I love the way you capture the essence of childhood...no, HUMANHOOD...in such a delightful and poignant way, from the wonder of young, first love, to the importance of sharing our best, innermost selves with everyone and accepting the beauty of diversity that surrounds us. Your beautiful light shines through in every lyric and note! Those children were priceless! It was so evident that they worked hard to master their lines, their songs, their movements and dances. Kudos to everyone who worked with them. It was a delight from beginning to end! "

Linda Roeder, Teacher and Musical Theater director, Philadelphia

"Thank you for creating such great music for the middle school age. It's very hard to find literature for them to take seriously and they appreciate the maturity that you have brought to the musical theater community."

Elizabeth Nelson, Music Teacher

"The songs are powerful and memorable. The lessons are about kindness, respect and appreciating differences. To this day, former students comment how these musicals changed their thinking, their feelings and gave them respect for others who had limitations. As one of the lines of a song says, ‘something magical is happening to me’. Something magical did happen. The musicals truly are joyous and transformative."

Teresa Maebori, Teacher, Germantown Friends School, Philadelphia, Pa.

"Thank you for creating HOMEROOM THE MUSICAL -a powerful musical that empowers middle school kids to find their voice and simultaneously communicate an important message to the world."

Ross M. Burkhardt, National Teacher Hall of Fame Inductee.

"Character Education at it's best! Homeroom breaks down the barriers of labels and...KIDS CONNECT."

Dr. Frances J. Rhodes, Superintendent of Schools

"Andrea is fantastic working with children. She wrote a play called The Mulberry Bird and directed it for a conference on adoption. The reaction of the children was remarkable. Parents reported that it stimulated meaningful conversation in the family. She has a real knack for making children explore their emotions in a very non threatening indirect manner. The kids loved her. I would be happy to talk to anyone about my experience working with her."

Rochelle Sanders, Retired Social Worker Adoption Services

"Andrea's musicals are wonderful - teaching tolerance as well as theater with fun-to-perform lyrics and music! And, Andrea Green is GREAT with the young performers!"

Sally Denney Johnson, elementary school teacher, grandparent, Fairfield, Iowa


"Andrea's musicals combine a well-written story with songs possessing beautiful melodies! Her plays stress inclusiveness and deal in an age-appropriate manner with contemporary child development issues."

Denise Mendel, Parent

"They enjoyed the show immensely. What happened next, and what brought chills to those of us who saw it, was clear evidence that the fence's message of tolerance and acceptance had been internalized by the kids. With no apparent adult prompting, the entire cast formed a double-sided corridor of hugs and high-fives with the guests as they left the theater to return home. What a heart-warming scene to see and hear, and how painfully poignant to realize with adult eyes how seldom such a sight is seen in the 'real world.' Where can we find hope for the future, if not in our young people? If we and our leaders could embrace the lessons of 'Fence,' we and our kids would face a very bright future indeed!"

Gary Lickfett, Danville Light Opera

"I've been involved with a lot of children's musicals with my two kids who love to perform. But I've noticed that many of the shows that are available for children are usually adaptions of stories that might be fun for children to read or listen to but are somewhat problematic to perform. I was thrilled to discover On the other Side of the Fence that was written as an ensemble piece so all children have a chance to be highlighted and deals with issues that concern them on a daily basis, like friendship, problem solving and learning to get along with one another. Because the musical numbers varied widely in style, it felt very fresh and had something for everyone. Plus there are no scene changes, props or need for complicated costumes because it was designed for younger performers. It was a pleasure to be a part of On the Other Side of the Fence as a parent, the only problem is that there aren't dozens more like it!"

Parent (Acton, MA)

Community Leaders

"Andrea Green has a big heart. She writes musicals and songs for diverse groups of children and for children who struggle to speak. Together, we’ve won an Emmy, a Gold Medal at the New York International Film Festivals and a special award from the United Nations. Together, we’ve created a musical space to accompany discussions about family heritage and the future of learning. It’s not everyone who can bring a hummable melody and fun lyrics to serious matters-  but Andrea can, does, and will continue to do so for a long time to come. For me, and quite likely, for others who discover her gifts and her discipline."

Howard Blumenthal, CEO, Independence Media

"Children aren't born with prejudice, they learn it. And by the time they are six or seven years old, they've learned those lessons well. And like so many of us humans, they build fences. Without being able to verbalize it, they already know the difference between 'us' and 'them.' And once that fence is built, we rarely get to look on the other side. Using metaphorical story, songs, creative tools and children who traditionally fall into the 'us' and 'them' categories, Andrea Green doesn't just take down fences, she helps us to melt them away with understanding, kindness, friendship and love."

Dr. Dan Gottlieb, Psychologist and Family Therapist; Nationally recognized mental health expert, author of "Letters to Sam," "Learning from the Heart," and "Voices in the Family"

"It's her energy that’s so amazing. Cherry Hill's Andrea Green is like that famous Energizer Bunny, happily busy, endlessly involved. As a music therapist/singer/-songwriter/producer, Green has stashes of energy most of us just dream about. And through it all, she is quintessentially dedicated to Tikkun Olam—repairing the world—often through music."

Reporter Sally Friedman in Jewish Community Voice

"I remember the day Andrea brought me in to see a rehearsal of her musical 'On the Other Side of the Fence' at the HMS School for Children with Cerebral Palsy. Although my film making career had taken me to many places throughout this country and the world, nothing could prepare me for what I saw and experienced that morning. It was amazing to see two diverse groups of children come together in partnership with a musical providing the framework for partnership. The children were able to over come their initial fears of meeting someone very different from themselves. When the music started, it seem to build a bridge across these differences. Andrea's musical story (story, characters, music and lyrics) was designed to parallel the experience between the children. It was then that I saw Andrea's genius and talent, her ability to use music to inspire acceptance, communication and unity."

Henry Nevison, International Award-winning Film Producer/Director (Producer of documentary On the Other Side of the Fence)

"Most young people feel different, but don't talk about it. One isolated teenager could become a victim and another could become a bully. "Homeroom" opens up a dialogue that can change the way our children see each other and themselves. I would like to see "Homeroom" in every school."

Dr. Dan Gottlieb

Singing Praise

One of the most (out of many) joyful moments I experienced while directing THE SAME SKY, was talking to the children in the cast about the story.  I asked them why it was important to tell this specific story and the responses that they offered were nothing short of inspiring.
Kindergarteners explained to me that this story might "help kids who feel like they are picked-on know that they don't have to be picked-on any more".  First and Second graders explained that "sometimes we think people are different from us and so we're scared to talk to them but that really we're all the same so we should always be nice to each other."  And a Third Grader told me that "there are people in the world like Tattersol, people who are mean, but that just means they are the most scared person of all and we should try to be just as nice to that person."
The insights that these children offered went on and on, it was a powerful experience.  Andrea's work is so valuable to children because she finds a striking balance between lesson and fun, joy and challenge, work and play.  In THE SAME SKY the children were all challenged to stretch themselves further than they had ever reached before through innovative new music and beautiful text.  These children rose to the occasion because Andrea also articulates some of the most essential life lessons of our time in ways that children can feel and relate to; she empowers children to not just perform but to teach and to lead.  
Throughout the process of THE SAME SKY I watched as a cast of Kindergarten through 3rd Graders supported and encouraged each other because Andrea gave them the opportunity to do more than just play, they served.  When each child stepped on that stage they knew they were doing more than just putting on costumes and playing on stage, they knew they were telling a story, an important story that in turn made each of them important.  That is the opportunity that Andrea gives kids – the opportunity to work hard, to learn, to grow, to feel joy and to feel important.