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HOMEROOM The Musical

Students from the Colegio Ponceño Musical Theater Teen Troupe in Ponce, Puerto Rico perform in the Philadelphia area in 2016 for a collaboration with local students
Synopsis:​ Students in a homeroom class share the pain and joy of adolescent life in school, sharing their feelings on topics such as​ academic success and failure, competition, bullying, social acceptance and self-esteem.

HOMEROOM the Musical is a multi-arts theater framework designed to bring teen performers together in unity. It is adaptable for large and small casts, offering many group and individual performance opportunities.

Play by Andrea Green & Selma Tolins-Kaufman
Music by Andrea Green


Order from Samuel French 
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"Homeroom" Themes

  • Inclusion
  • Diversity
  • Empathy
  • Acceptance of self and others
  • Ages 10 – 15

Featured Songs from "Homeroom The Musical"

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"Homeroom" Songs

  • Homeroom
  • How Do I Look?
  • Locker Rock
  • I'm A Person, Too
  • Hopeless Case
  • Secret
  • Go It Alone
  • Stand Up For Yourself
  • Entr'Acte
  • Today's The Day
  • Is It Love?
  • How You Play The Game
  • Cafeteria
  • Dance With Me
  • Don't Forget About Me
  • Homeroom (reprise)
  • Stand Up For Yourself Finale

"Homeroom" Performances (2016-2017)

  • The Millhopper Montessori School (Gainesville, FL) - 2017
  • Greely Middle School (Greeley, ME) - 2017
  • Serious After Fun Inc. (New York City, NY) - 2017
  • Pineda Conservatory (Cranford, NJ) - 2017
  • P.S. 17 Henry David Thoreau School (Astoria, NY) - 2017
  • Centre Hastings Secondary School (Madoc, Ontario) - 2016
  • Cherry Hill High School West (Cherry Hill, NJ) - 2016
  • Creekview High School (Canton, GA) - 2016
  • Teatro Monseñor Vicente Murga (Ponce, Puerto Rico) - 2016

"Homeroom" Social Media

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"Homeroom" Student Testimonials

-It was really fun! We became a huge family. -Rachel

-I played Beth and would like to say that this experience was fantastic! I am proud to say that I have a new family and love them so dearly. I couldn't imagine any of us coming together without this play. Thank you so much for this! -Sydney

-Being this as my first theater drama, it was great fun! I love the setting and well, everything about it! It was so much fun to be apart of. I can't wait to do another musical! Great musical! -Kristen

-It was amazing to be in this production. I didn't know half the people and they've become family to me...imagine complete strangers and you two become friends forever. I had so much fun with costume changes and making mistakes on stage...laughing and crying. I will remember this and miss the cast! -Julia

-This experience has been amazing! I have gotten to know people even better than I used to and some new ones. I could never ask for a better cast or family. I will never forget this experience! -Casey

-The best production I have been in! We all became a family. What happened in the musical is what happens in life. -Mich-ele

-I had a lot of fun being in this production. It was my first production. I was in the chorus. This musical has inspired me to try out for other musicals. Once we stared the last couple of weeks, I noticed the cast started to beam with pride. I love these kids...they are my family! Homeroom forever! -Luci

-Homeroom the Musical was a very fun experience. I made a bunch of new friends, learned a lot, improved my confidence and voice, and got to know my teachers better. This play was definitely something to continue and share. -Olivia

-To be in this production was an honor! It taught me so much about what could happen in our Homeroom. -Kylee

-The musical was very fun and well thought out. It was great and I loved it! -Christopher

-This show was a beautiful experience. It took a bunch of different kids and made us a family. I will never forget it! -Molly

-I didn't know I was going to have as a great a time as I did. This is my first production and it was amazing! You wrote an amazing musical! -Emily

-This experience changed my life; meeting all these people. It was amazing! -Aidan

-I had so much fun! The thing is...this musical is true...like real life:) -Megan

-The first musical I have ever been in and one of the best. -Audrey

"Homeroom" Videos!

Homeroom Trailer

Stand Up For Yourself

Homeroom the Musical, Password: homeroom